The Rise in Mental Health Problems in UK University Students: Is Coursework Load The Reason?

Mental Health Problems symptoms

Mental health problems are also known as mental illness. All the disorders that can affect the mood, thinking and behaviour of a person come into mental health problems or mental health issues. UK university students face a wide range of these mental health problems. In these mental health problems, there come anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictive behaviour etc. There are many reasons behind these mental health problems in UK university students. Here, experts of dissertation help will discuss is coursework load is the reason for the rise in mental health problems in UK university students.

It is a fact that loads of coursework are creating lots of mental health problems for the students. As we know that if we want to learn a lesson quickly, it is necessary for us to get motivation. Its reason is that low motivation can create lots of problems for the students. In UK universities, most of the students are not able to motivate themselves for studies due to the load of coursework. As a result, they have to face some mental health problems and they are not able to get good comments from the teachers.

There are some students who are not able to pay attention to studies due to distractions. These distractions are in the form of social media accounts, friends, family members and much more. Anyhow, if the students show little commitment towards studies, they can easily get rid of these distractions. After getting rid of these distractions, it is also necessary for the students to concentrate on the main theme of the lesson in order to enhance their learning power. If a student is facing a problem of overloading of the coursework, he will not be able to concentrate on the major academic issues. As a result, these students can also face some mental health problems.

At the university level, it is necessary for the students to understand and remember some essential facts and figures. If the students are facing a problem of the overloading of coursework, they will also face some problems to memorize these essential facts and figures. Its reason is that if a student is studying a single subject, it is easy for him to understand key facts and figures. On the other hand, if they have to learn lots of subjects at a time, these facts and figures will mix up in their mind. As a result, students face lots of mental health issues.

In order to learn something quickly and efficiently, it is necessary for the students to choose an interesting subject. On the other hand, if a student has selected an odd subject and he is asked to memorize bulk of information, he will face lots of problems. These problems can become a cause of mental health problems for the students. Along with these facts, the students can also face mental health problems if they don’t have the right resources to memorize specific information and if they have some time management problems.

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