What is the Purpose of the Topic Sentence?

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While writing a paragraph, we have to introduce that paragraph within a sentence. Later on, we have to focus on this sentence. We call it a topic sentence. The writers have to keep in mind the structure of a paragraph for the organization of the paper. For example, if we are writing an essay, its thesis statement gives the main idea of that essay. On the other hand, the topic sentence gives the main idea of the paragraph. In the rest of the paragraph, we have to support that topic with evidence. While writing it, you should be specific and narrow. Here, we will discuss the purpose of the topic sentence.

Helpful for Creation of Unity

A topic sentence is the best tool to create a sense of unity in the paragraph. It allows the writers to create a unifying beginning. After creating the unifying beginning, the writers can easily point these sentences to the remaining sentences. Moreover, they have to go on to build the concepts of that sentence. This is also the best way to give a sense of direction to the readers. When you will write that sentence, the readers will get an idea that you are going to prove it in that paragraph. For example, if you have claimed in the opening sentence of the paragraph, readers will be intrigued to read the proof of that argument. In other words, the writers can also use it to get the attention of the readers.

A Way to Point Content and Intent of Paragraph

Another purpose of the topic sentence is to provide a glimpse of the idea that you are going to introduce in the paragraph. The manager of an assignment writing service said that the readers will get an idea of how you will discuss that idea when this paragraph goes on. No doubt, if you are writing an academic paper, your readers are keen and busy. They don't try to read the complete paragraphs to get an idea of the paragraphs. To properly convey your message to the keen and busy readers, these sentences will also provide enough help. By reading these sentences, they can easily get an idea about the gist and perspective of the paragraphs. It is also the best way to manage the expectations of the readers at the highest pedestal level. They exactly know what they need to look forward to.

Supports Thesis Statement

In the introductory paragraph of your academic paper, you will have to present a thesis statement. In the thesis statement, you will have to present arguments. In the body paragraphs, you will have to support these arguments. The topic sentences will also show the defence of these arguments. A topic sentence will welcome the readers in a new paragraph. When they read a new paragraph, they know the validity of the thesis statement. Here, writers don't restate the hypothesis. By restating the hypothesis, they can't get the attention of the readers. In these sentences, they should try to support their arguments.

Smooth Transition

Some writers don't know the importance of smooth transition while generating new ideas. No doubt, writers have to present different evidence to support arguments in different paragraphs. As a result, they may face some problems establishing a smooth transition. If they want to maintain a smooth transition throughout the document, they have to use topic sentences. They provide enough help to the writers to shift the attention and focus of the readers. While shifting the attention and focus of the readers, it doesn't create gaps in these paragraphs. If writers don't use these sentences, they can't create a smooth transition. In the absence of a smooth transition, they can't encourage the readers to read the complete documents. As a result, they may get lower grades.

Maintain Order

To maintain order in the document, you will have to remain organized. If you are creating content for your academic paper without using topic sentences, you can't remain organized. You don't know the main idea of a paragraph. As a result, you may infuse some irrelevant sentences in that paragraph. These irrelevant and weak sentences don't provide value to your documents. On the other hand, if you are writing an academic paper by generating topic sentences, you may not face this kind of problem. You know the actual purpose of a paragraph. You don't allow irrelevant and weak sentences in the paragraphs. Moreover, you will also try to organize the sentences based on the main idea of the paragraph.

Free From Supporting Details

While generating a topic sentence, you will have to make it clear and easy to follow. If you fail to make it clear and easy to follow, you can't intrigue the readers. Here, some people make mistakes. They try to include the supporting details in the topic sentences. They should know that readers don't like to read supporting details in the opening sentences. The readers just need the main idea of the paragraph. Therefore, you should explain it in just one sentence. No doubt, you will have to provide the supporting details to support your arguments. You can provide the supporting details in the rest of the paragraph.

If you want to achieve these benefits of the topic sentence, the law essay writing service firm will have to follow some essential tips. First, you should create a more focused idea in the opening sentence. Secondly, you should present this focused idea. This clear idea should be easy to understand for the readers. Thirdly, this sentence should provide unity to the remaining paragraphs. It means that it shows the clarification of the supporting ideas. Fourthly, it should link the purpose of a paragraph to the thesis statement. At last, you should engage the readers with the help of these topic sentences.


A sentence that you present to introduce the main theme of a paragraph is the topic sentence. You will have to include it to maintain the organization within the academic paper. There are many purposes for including these sentences in the paragraphs. For example, you can use them for creating a sense of unity. You can also use them to point out the intent of paragraphs. The readers can also use them to support the thesis statement of the paper. They also provide help to ensure a smooth transition in the paper. The students can also use them to maintain order in the academic papers.

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