How Students Can Overcome Their Fear of Failure

Overcome Fear of Failure
We live in a society that places great pressure on its individuals regarding their performance and achievement in various fields. In the field of education, students are often under great stress because of the high expectations of their teachers and parents. All of the students are judged on the same criteria despite of their intellectual abilities. They are part of such race where failure is not acceptable. These circumstances lead to the fear of failure in students. And often we confront such students who are afraid to handle difficult tasks not because they are strenuous but instead they fear to fail. The following article by a dissertation help firm will foreground the ways in which students can overcome their fear of failure.

Reasons for “Fear of Failure”:
With failure come certain negative consequences that escalate the fear and anxiety in the students. Basically students are more afraid of the facts that if they fail their teachers and parents would be disappointed and they will feel guilty and worthless. Not only they have let down their parents and teachers but they feel ashamed of themselves because of their inability and incompetence. And due to the failure in academic career there are decreased chances to have a decent income and appropriate social status.

Understanding Their Fear:
As a teacher and parent, you can be supportive of your kids by helping them understand their fear. As soon as they will able to recognize their fear they can learn the ways to cope with it. They will start taking steps in the right direction to overcome their fear. They can reflect that whether they fear to disappoint their teachers and parents and try to solve their anxieties regarding these issues and focus more on the studies. If they think that failure can take away some good jobs from them, the teachers could help them to realize that the excellent grades are not the only need to influence potential employers. If they understand that their failure is the product of some other underlying factors and not because of their incompetence they will develop ways to change their attitude and work on their fears. 

Learn From Mistakes:
When the students have recognized their fears, as a teacher and parent you have to help them to learn through their mistakes. Put focus on the process, recognize their efforts and treat these mistakes as opportunities to learn. Remind students that mistakes are a part of learning process. Everybody made mistakes but the best and successful people learn from their mistakes. If a student has made mistake in the classroom encourage him to go through his work again and point out the mistakes himself. In this way he is more likely not to repeat the same mistake twice.

Foreground Your Abilities:
The most common problem that students face is that they are always compared to their other class mates despite of their different skills and attitudes. A student must know his abilities and use them to make his mark without comparing himself to others. Try to make realistic expectations and perceive your results according to them. Every student has unique and varied abilities and they should try to polish their abilities in order to achieve their set goals. It is not possible for everyone to get perfect grades on the report cards. So a wise student should not indulge in making useless comparisons. Students who work for realistic and achievable goals never come across the fear of failure. They make their efforts purely to learn and achieve objectives that are necessary. They do not merely focus on outcomes and does not perceive their performance as a failure and success. They develop their learning strategies with time and able to achieve good grades in challenging academic environment. 

Stay Motivated and Positive:
Motivation and positive attitude can also help the students to overcome their fear of failure. The motivation of course springs from self-belief. Compare your skills and knowledge of your current level with the past. You will see that they have improved over time. If you are able to recognize your own improvements and do not take good grades as an objective indicator of success then you will analyze that your performance will improve with the passage of time. A strong belief in your abilities will pave the right paths for you. Do not treat the challenges of academic life as threats. If you will take a look on the lives of great people you will analyze that they are self-reliant and have a firm belief on their potentials.

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