Reasons to Use or Not Use Interactive White Boards (IWB) for Academic Help

Interactive White Boards
We all agree that for active learning it is important that the environment provided in the class is attracting the attention of students. No learning takes place when half of the students simply doze off during the lecture looking either at the professor or the plain walls. Since we have moved beyond the regular measures of an average classroom now, we have welcomed tech in the education systems and have invested a fortune in IWB (interactive white boards). We see that everyone is now interested in what is happening around them, they are interested in the activities and the teachers have their 100% attention. But is this technology enough of hiring dissertation writing service UK and is performing as much as we have expected? Or is it just something temporary? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of having an Interactive White Board in the education systems for academic help to figure out its purposefulness:

It directly projects the laptop screen on the whiteboard, it is not just a simple or basic projection of the screen, the projection is interactive enabling the user to interfere with what is happening.
Classes having interactive whiteboards have seen to make a huge improvement in getting students’ complete attention without much of efforts.
Free resources for the Interactive Whiteboards are available online and they can be used just by creating a free account. You can subscribe to the news letter to receive free info about resources and how you can use the interactive whiteboard to its full potential.
Increases will to participate in the class discussion and activities in students.
Can directly play videos from YouTube and other sites and especially the educational sites, so now the lessons can have videos and no need to make slides or anything, just plug in the laptop to the whiteboard and browse a variety of videos directly from the internet.

  • It runs on specific software and if you are using it at a school (of course) you will go through a lot of hassle to get the software installed in your PC. Not to mention that in some laptops, it has traces of making them slower, so either you run around for a laptop with Active Inspire installed or you try and grab the software from someone.
  • It needs training, collaboration and a lot of work. The lesson needs to be planned incorporating the videos in them to use it to its full potential. It must be used every day in order to make it a habit, overuse can cause decrease in interest from the student’s end.
  • A lot of work increases in lesson planning and making flip charts, though it is all worth it.
  • They are a little expensive, that holds a lot of people back.

If used properly and to its full potential, IWB can be a great resource for academic help and investment is worth it weighing the pros and cons!

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