Things That Will Cause Penalize of Your Website in Search Engine

Things That Will Penalize Website
Google has become tough over the years and while it ignored the wrong ways that webmasters were using to promote their sites and earn more revenues, it is taking solid steps to prevent all this and it can all end up in penalization of your website if you are not careful. Google wants to give its users access to the most accurate information, the best content and the finest writers and products and services and it is trying continuously to make changes to how tings works. Google has been tweaking and improving its algorithms so that the best of the web is displayed to all who need it. If things do not go the way it wants, it has the option to penalize a website if it is not happy with the way things are going. While in some cases a penalty is well deserved but at others, it comes as a shock if you have been doing something wrong unintentionally or did not know it was wrong.

What Is a Penalty All About?
Google has been hard at work and it has been making changing to its ranking algorithms since December 2000. It was during this time that it released its toolbar extension and it represented a sea of change that would create the SEO industry and it was the beginning of how Google would be refining its search engine results. Over the time it began to get rid of poor quality content and only brought the best to its SERPs and here the penalties were introduced. It is necessary for SEO experts to stay tuned to what Google wants form them and make sure they are doing things the right way so that their sites do not get penalized as it means that their website would be wiped out from the search entirely and they will not appear in the search results which is a very fearsome prospect.

There are many reasons that cause for penalty by Google but the biggest of them all is using manipulative methods to promote a website. These manipulative methods fall in two categories; on-site or off-site. while on-site methods refers to means and ways used within the technical set-up of your site off-site methods are all about backlinks, which are the primary factor that Google uses to determine the authority of a site. Webmasters need to know that a penalty can be a manual one or an algorithmic one. In manual penalty, the website is reviewed manually and accused of breaching one or more of Google’s guidelines while in algorithmic penalty your site is accused of tripping a filter/safeguard built into Google’s algorithm. Here is some important information about some things that can cause penalization of your website from Google and how you should work in order to avoid this problem.

Buying Too Many Links:
Google sees buying links as an attempt to manipulate its system and page rank and does not take it nicely. If you have been buying bad links and lots of them within a short period of time, it is big enough for you to get penalized from Google.

Too Many Reciprocal Links:
While in the passing getting reciprocal links was not seen as something suspicious or harmful but people began to abuse this practice and this led Google to take extreme measures against it. If you have been exchanging lots of links with other websites and clients, it will be looked on as a reason for penalty.

Duplicate or Plagiarized Content:
This is very obvious as copying someone else’ content or plagiarizing content from other websites or sources and using it as your own is the biggest reason for penalty. Using content that has already been used by others is viewed as an offence by Google and it is important that every website comes up with its own unique content in order to rank higher and better.

Overuse of H1 Tags:
Using the H1 tags correctly helps with SEO as it helps Google to understand what the page is all about and get better results with search engine but too much use of H1 tag is seen by Google as an attempt to overstuff keywords and this can result in penalty too.

Too Many 404s:
Google wants to see if you are looking after your website and content and that there are no errors and problems in the long run. If there are too many pages that give 404 errors, it means that your users are not getting the information which brings them to your website and Google will penalize the website.

Links from Other Sites in Foreign Language:
Google is all about providing the right information to the right users and if your website is using links from other websites that are in foreign language and have nothing to do with your content, Google will penalize your website.

Content Overstuffed with Keywords:
Google is all about keywords but it does not go for content that is overstuffed with keywords which seem as if they have been placed in the content for the sole reason of getting higher in SERPs. This is one of the main reasons why so many websites get penalized by Google because it wants to see a content that is balanced with information and keywords. Only stuffing the keywords in content will not make it any better and only result in problems.

Missing Sitemap Data:
Google uses the XML sitemap to check out the structure of the website and see how it has been put together so that it can redirect visitors. However, when there is no XML sitemap or it has not been updated properly, Google will not like it and it will put penalty on your website. XML sitemap is a key part of your website and must be updated all the time for Google to check it. There are various things that can cause penalize of your website and it is important that you check out with Google to see how to make things work out best for you in the long run.

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