How to Structure Meaningful Messaging

How to Structure Meaningful Messaging
Creating a message for your audience is a classic phenomenon for everyone including individuals and organizations. At this time the concept is changed with an emergence of structuring your message that could be conveyed to audience with the meaningful context. Meaningful messaging works if your audience gets it in the same context as your aim is to position it in their mind. This is your message that helps you to stand out from the crowd. So it must be unique, catchy and most importantly same context for all audience but with content of their taste. Whenever, there is talk about structure or structuring than there are some steps to build the final structure. First is to go for the research that must include what your audience wants. This would be done by identifying the existing position of your brand in mind of target audience. When you are done with the first step then it’s time to develop a framework to execute your gathered knowledge through research into practice. Your framework must consider these concepts to build further steps for conveying the meaningful context in different content to all audience;
  • Elevator Pitch: This concept tells your message must be easy to convey as to stop an elevator on a next floor. It means to convey the same message to different audience who are at different floor. So might be at different floors there are different audiences so your pitch and content might needs to be changed.
  • Drill down Message: Your message must tell about your offerings and clarify your target segment that you are going to serve.
  • Story Lines: This is who you develop an interesting story for your audience so they might get some time to listen you.
  • Stories: It means those proof-points that reflect fulfillment of your promises that devotedly you have been there to serve them. These stories with facts will automatically grasp the attention of audience to listen on their will as they want to listen it too as you want to convey.

According to a dissertation writer, now it’s time to build framework for your message. Message should not be longer than three to four lines and it must include who you are how you help them. Further, it must tell where you are, who are with you to make a difference for your audience. This is for the elevator pitch message and now you have to drill down your message on the basic points of top level message. Here is an example of a business graduate college and they can develop their message like;

“The Business Graduate College empower students of business studies by offering them an open path to choose their studies with consideration of their future goals. Experts are here to help them for capturing the value of practical knowledge during their college studies without putting an extra time for gaining experience. The basic goal for this effort is to provide a unique learning style with consideration of students’ learning approach to achieve their life goals.”

This message tells that; who they are, what they do and who are with them (Experts) to achieve their goals. It also includes whom they are going to serve (students of business studies) and what is the differentiating program (providing practical knowledge).There is a need to add more colours in your message by adding storylines. These lines must include the details that will help to structure a message for different mediums. The most common mediums of todays are websites, online publications i.e. blog posts, and social media messaging. This is another line of me message with value addition to capture the attention of audience;

“A free access to multiple organizations is offered for students to gain some practical experiences before starting their career that will ultimately help them to get the best placement in start of their career.”

Finally there is need to add proof points to bring the full meaning of your message into lines. It can be the statistics of your previous student who got jobs in different organizations, research experience of their students.

Putt Framework in PracticeHowever good your framework is if it’s not executed well then it has no worth. So cash the worth of your developed framework by putting it in practice to convey your message to the target audience. In this time of digital era the most appropriate medium to convey the full meaning of your message you must adopt digital means. First you need to communicate your message to your own people who would be working with your institute to achieve short term and long term goal. Call a meeting of personals who are responsible for communication within and outside to your institute and let them know about the complete framework and message. As they will be known with the objective then they would communicate on behalf of your institute on all platforms either its digital or not. Communicate all written stuff to your staff to eliminate any ambiguity and to remain the context same for everyone.

As a writer at a dissertation writing service told, when your people are ready, than plan for the mediums where you are going to interact with your audience. There are a lot of mediums to convey your message and the most important is your website. Almost of your students are going to search for information regarding your institute first from the website. Secondly the concept of virtual campuses by using social media to let applicants know about the process in brief. There can videos like documentary that is an opportunity to make your message more persuasive than ever before. As active your staff will be on these platforms to reply promptly to the queries of audience same the rate of conversion of your prospects in to final users will be high. With this all you must consider the context that should not be change. Because if a single users is going to contact via all mediums and find different information than its going to be a problem for the student and as for your institute.

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